Installing GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS)


In this article I will explain how to install GroupWise Mobile Server on a Windows 2000 Server. If you start a same test server as I did, make sure you have also installed SQL or MSDE on that W2K server. You also need a running GroupWise 7 SP1 or later system.

Installation Process

1. Insert the GMS CD and start the setup. You will see the welcome screen as shown below.

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Figure 1 - Welcome screen

2. Click Next.

3. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

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Figure 2 - License agreement

4. Enter the license key code.

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Figure 3 - License key screen

After the license key is accepted, you will see this screen:

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Figure 4 - Installation features

5. Leave it at the default and click Next. This way you will install the whole Mobile Suite on the server.

6. Enter the Username and password from your administrator account.

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Figure 5 - User permission checks

7. After the user credentials are accepted, enter the installation path.

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Figure 6 - Install location

8. Leave it at the default and click Next.

9. In my test lab I don't use a clustered enviorment, so just click Next to continue.

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Figure 7 - Standalone or clustered installation

10. Select the mail server you are using.

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Figure 8 - Mail server selection

11. Click Next.

12. Enter the IP address of your GroupWise server.

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Figure 9 - GroupWise server information

13. Provide a GroupWise user and password. This is the check to determine whether the connection can be established.

14. Make sure you have SOAP enabled on the PostOffice Agent you want to connect to. The default setting does not allow SOAP. You can enable SOAP under the properties of the POA.

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Figure 10 - Enabling SOAP on the Post Office agent

15. Click Next.

16. Click Next again.

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Figure 11 - GroupWise server access

17. Enter your address information.

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Figure 12 - Admin contact information

18. Enter the URL to connect to the web interface of GroupWise Mobile Server.

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Figure 13 - Web server URL

19. Click Next.

20. Make sure that you understand and check all the boxes.

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Figure 14 - Manual checklist

21. Click Next.

Now you are ready to install ...

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Figure 15 - Environment Analyzer screen

22. Click Install to continue the installation.

The installation will now start.

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Figure 16 - Preparing to install

23. Wait a couple of minutes, then click Finish - and the installation is ready.

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Figure 17 - Wizard completion

Starting GroupWise Mobile Server

1. Open the web interface of GroupWise Mobile Server.

2. In your favorite browser, enter the DNS name or IP address in the URL field.

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Figure 18 - Address for Intellisync Mobile Suite

You will see the login page of GrouopWise Mobile Server.

3. Enter your GroupWise name and Password and click Login.

After that, you will see a configuration wizard that helps you setup the right setting for you.

4. Walk through the wizard, and finally you will see this screen.

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Figure 19 - Intellisync Mobile Suite screen

Now it's time go get the user manual of the GroupWise Mobile Server and learn how to work with it. You can find the manual here:

I hope that after reading this article more people will test and use GroupWise Mobile Server. It's really a great product from Novell and Intellisync.


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