GroupWise 7 Upgrade to 8.0.1 on OES2 SP2 (SLES10 SP3) - TIP for you!



Upgraded OES2 to OES2 SP2 (SLES10 SP3) Yesterday - NO PROBLEMS. NICE.


Upgraded GroupWise from 7 to 8.0.1. Everything went well except normal GWIA / WebAccess issues..No biggie, however, after about thirty minutes of troubleshooting I still could not get WebAccess to load. Well, then I realized other services were broken, everything pointed at not being able to find the gw.conf file.

The problem was:

GW folder was missing from /etc/opt/novell

I manually created that folder "gw" folder (/etc/opt.novell/gw)

Of course now the gw.conf file is still missing. So....Grab it from the old version 7 directory which was /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/webacc and paste it into then newly created GW folder.

I hope this helps someone have a better day when upgrading to GroupWise 8.

Bet regards,


Norm O'Neal

2010 Novell Knowledge Partner

Novell Users Group of Indiana (NUGI)

Integrity Network Solutions

"Serving One Community"


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