GWCommander v3


OpenNet releases new version of GWCommander, introducing a totally new concept for GroupWise Administration. GWCommander v3 is a flexible GroupWise management framework, offering even greater ease of use and reliability than before. Includes FREE Mailbox Statistics Module.

  • The GWCommander v3 framework is free!

  • Specific functionality is added to the framework by installing Commander Modules.

  • Some modules are free courtesy of OpenNet for the GroupWise community. Others will be licensable.

  • This new approach allows administrators to implement the functionality they need when they need it, and to reduce cost of ownership. Additional functionality can be plugged-in to the framework when it becomes needed.

  • Wizard-driven configuration simplifies task's creation.

  • Scheduling and recurring execution.

  • Simple user interface.

  • FREE Mailbox Statistics Module included in the Framework Setup.


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