iCal2GW - Integrate Teaming with GroupWise Calendaring

home page url: http://www.open-horizons.net
download url: http://www.open-horizons.net/ical2gw

What is this ?

The iCal2GW synchronizing service synchronizes events, tasks and milestones from any calendar source in the iCal format into GroupWise calendars. This can be sources on the Internet, like www.icalshare.com, or your Novell Teaming server. The content of a single source, like a folder on the Teaming server, can be synchronized with calendars of any number of users, even if their mailboxes are located on different GroupWise post offices. Also, the contents of several folders located on different source servers can be synchronized into the mailbox of a single user.

Tasks on your Novell Teaming server can be synchronized into GroupWise as tasks or as events, depending on which type of displaying is better for the respective folder. You can also synchronize milestones from your Novell Teaming server, however the GroupWise calendar doesn’t include an appropriate type of item for milestones. Therefore, milestones are displayed as daylong events on the day, the date of which is provided in the “Until"? field.

You can test iCal2GW without any risk on a live mailing system; at worst, an undesired calendar will be created in the mailbox, on which the application will be tested, and such calendar can be easily removed.

Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • Replication of calendar, tasks and milestones from Novell T C into any number of GroupWise accounts;

  • Replication of static calendars in the iCal format, such as bank holidays, vacations, etc.;

  • Automatic creation of calendar items in GroupWise user accounts;

  • Calendar folders are in a standard form and can be replicated to mobile devices and shared and rules can be applied;

  • When removing a calendar folder, a new folder is automatically recreated and the replication goes on (upon reset of a correlation database all contents are replicated);

  • Possibility to synchronize between multiple Teaming and GroupWise servers;

  • Settings can be created for all users, users of selected post offices, members on selected distribution sheets;

  • The best way of distribution of calendar events to multiple users;

  • Running on a server; requires JAVA SUN 1.6.0_11 or higher; can run on a GW server.



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