Modifying GroupWise for Retina Macs

By jlodom

If you have a new Retina MacBook Pro, you may have noticed that the GroupWise client for OS X looks blurry compared to other applications on your system. This is because the GroupWise client for OS X is written in Java, and cannot pick up new Apple technologies without modification.

For the image elements (folders, etc.) we cannot do anything until Novell updates the client themselves. However, for text (and, after all, that's what we care about in e-mail) there is a small change we can make to the application that will give us Retina-quality text right now. This change was first pointed out for other Java applications at Java and Mac retina support >

Here are the steps:

  1. Close down the GroupWise client and open the Terminal application that is in the Utilities folder (/Applications/Utilities/

  • Enter the following command (assuming that you have GroupWise at the top level of your machine's applications folder rather than in any other location such as your home directory's application folder):sudo nano -w /Applications/

  • Enter your OS X admin password.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the text file using the arrow keys. Right above the very last instance of </dict>, paste the following two lines:

  • Type CTRL-X to exit and say yes to saving the file.

  • Log out or restart the MacBook Pro. GroupWise should now have Retina text.

That's all!


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