Missing explaining documentation

I can remember some old Reload documentation. Daily backups, weekly backups (portable) and a conceptional explanation how to use and to schedule.

I have checked the existing documentation and miss this part. GWDRs concept has been changed - ie. there are no portable backups now. The whole post office backup job explanation is a 1-pager, where a lot of settings are not explained:

But maybe I missed the right documentation ...

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  • Are you talking about 18.1 version ? Every backup is in weeknow folder, they stopped the weekly portable backup creation. What do you missing ? I still use tape backups to get "portable backup" .


  • Hi David,

    in recent days it was rather clear that there is a full backup i.e. every week. Because of operation changes it is not so easy to get a full backup.

    I use tar backups too. And now my issues start. I.e. you have a customer who wants to go for 35 days of accessible backups. In this case your tar backup will contain 35 days! If you want to restore one single old backup, then you have to bring back the whole tar and untar this little monster to get the right backup.

    I have opened a case to get further tips how to proceed (amount of data, time issues (my tarring job needs almost 72 hours - and blocking any backups for the affected post office!) ). There are some parameters where you can play around; even support seems to have no clue how to use).

    Use "Verified Answers" if your problem/issue has been solved!