Managing Multiple GroupWise Vacation Rules with GWAVA Vertigo


GWAVA was contacted by a GroupWise administrator who runs a GroupWise system for a well known Dutch theatre/concert hall. Now the theatre season is over, he and his colleagues can soon enjoy a well deserved holiday. Before Vertigo he had been creating vacation rules for everyone one at a time.

He first had to access each account individually and change the password. He than would create a new vacation rule in each account. Upon returning from his vacation, he would have to access each account individually and turn it off again. Then he had to re-issue everyone new passwords for their accounts. (For detailed instructions on setting up a vacation rule, see this section of the documentation.)

He asked GWAVA how he might set up all of the vacation rules in GroupWise for his colleagues and himself. He did not want to spend all of his vacation accessing each account individually and setting up rules for each of his colleagues. He wondered whether Vertigo could help him set up a vacation rule for all of his colleagues.

After we spoke he downloaded the Vertigo evaluation, and it only took him a couple of minutes to do the following:

  1. He created a valid vacation rule in a Resource mailbox

  • Then he started up Vertigo and selected this Resource mailbox from within Vertigo

  • He clicked the 'Rules' tab and then selected the rule he just created in step 1

  • He clicked the 'Copy' button, selected the users to which the rule had to be copied to and clicked 'Ok'.

  • Vertigo then copied the selected rule out to all selected users

Done! When he returns from his vacation, he only has to run a rules report and delete all vacation rules from there. It's a simple matter of querying in the report for the specific name he gave to the rules. After selecting those vacation rules, he can enable them or disable them from within the report.

It's that simple. Now our GroupWise administrator (and new Vertigo user) can enjoy his vacation as well.

Vertigo changes the rules ... look for yourself, a 30-day evaluation can be downloaded here.


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