Knowledge Document: Search for mailbox items does not return any results



Groupwise 23.4


You were searching in your mailbox and that returned the expected results. However, if you change a keyword to search for, nothing is returned.


There has been a recent regression in a client code that caused searching to lose a target mailbox where the search shall be performed.

For screen print, see support portal, link below

As shown in the example on support portal, click on the folder icon aside from "Selected folders" or Modify Search and you will notice that your mailbox was not included in the search scope.
This has been fixed in the 23.4 clients build 144417 and newer.
After upgrading a client, and you do a first search, make sure that some folder is indeed selected where you want to search for items. This can be set, and verified by clicking on a folder icon as in the picture above where there is still no folder selected.
Once you choose the search folder, the settings are remembered for the next time. 

Access article on support portal


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