How does one get status back from DIH DREDELETEREF call?

After trying to delete a reference from IDOL using the DIH with the endpoint below


I receive as a reply:  


 how do I get the status of this request?
The service port is 9072, I've tried a number of different options all failed.  

  • Verified Answer

    You should be able to get this information with the IndexerGetStatus command. This runs against the ACI port, usually just listed as "Port", which I assume would be 9070 here. So, what you'd want should be something like:


    There are a number of other parameters you may find useful in the reference for this action.

    (The service port is mostly used for actions that monitor/control the state of the actual process, such as accessing log streams or configuration details. It won't usually provide much access to the component-specific functionality, like search or indexing.)

  • Thank you - I saw that documentation reference but what I didn't see is was to use 9070 the ACI port. Thank you. worked like a charm.
  • It's not always obvious, but for most of the IDOL components/versions, the top-level action categories in the reference should reflect the port involved. (I.e. "Index Actions"->index port,"Service Actions"->service port, "Actions"->ACI port)