Media Server - OCR keyview error #17


We are getting errors when processing some images on a specific Media Server Machine (Media Server 11.6).

Failed: failed to set up 1 engines: Read: External API error: Unable to initialize out-of-process conversion (KeyView err #17).,

I also tested with Media Server 12.4, and also other instances of Media Server 11.6 (pre production environment) and and cannot replicate this behavior.

I copied the entire Media Server folder from the server without problem (including filters folder) and still got the problem.

I did some additional tests. First, I deployed Media Server 12.4 on the server where the problem happens. By testing the same file, I get the very same error (tested multiple times). So, I picked the PDF file and converted to Tiff (by using PDF Creator). Tested this tiff file on same server, with Media Server 11.6 and 12.4 and the problem DOESN'T happen.

So, I did other test, by creating a text file on notepad and printing it as PDF - again tested on both instances of Media Server on this machine and the file is processed ok - there's no error.

So, this is what I found until now:- I have three servers with Media Server 11.6 (two production and one pre-production) all of them with the very same configuration. For a massive number of files (seems to be old documents scanned), I got this Keyview #17 error, but this behavior doesn't affect the other two servers. and also, on the affected machine, I can processes other files without problem.

Since this is a Keywiew error, it seems to be related to a format, but as I mentioned before, it affects only one machine. We need to find the cause and fix this behavior since right now we are trying to process an initial indexing with millions of files/images, and this process is being impacted by this error.