Pagination not possible on rendering documents to HTML using KeyView Export SDK

This issue is with respect to Micro Focus Filr,  In Filr we use Keyview Export SDK's HTML Export to render the documents to HTML and use it as file preview in the iframe. Now,  when I preview the HTML, there are no page definitions, it's acts as an single page (refe preview.PNG). I tried different template examples and played around with it to get effective pagination. It did not help.  Is it possible to achieve pagination by changing some configuration in the ini file? Or atleast produce different html files for every page (like done with default.ini template but without the table of contents)

And I also see that height and width of the document are not retained in the Html output, Also curious how does converting the document to pdf using pdf export retains the pagination, as well as height and width of the document when HTML does not.

  • To split the HTML into separate files, take a look at bPutBlocksInSeparateFiles in the KVHTMLOptionsEx section/structure.

    What constitutes a "page" is determined by one of two factors: either something stored within the document itself, or on-the-fly size/positioning calculations that are done within the application displaying the document. PDF, as a layout format, relies on the former, where the page is actually a unit within the document structure itself. Most word processing formats, e.g. MS Word's DOC and DOCX, rely mostly on the latter; while they do allow you to insert explicit page breaks, most are implicitly based on things like the size of the font and pages.

    HTML doesn't natively support the notion of a page, nor do web browsers' default views really do so, either. Most functionality that you see doing this requires additional styling/scripting to determine where such breaks need to occur, and to produce a page-like rendering of the document. The HTML Export APIs allow a number of places for developers to insert formatting/styling of their own.

    If there's some aspect of this you'd like to delve into further, I'd recommend opening a support ticket.