Webinar: Law Enforcement Media Analytics, Oct. 28

In this session, David Humphrey, CTO and IDOL Product Manager, will discuss how Micro Focus Law Enforcement Media Analysis provides organizations with Digital forensics for organizations processing video and image evidence who need to identify and extract facts during an investigation.

Learn how you can:
• Quickly address the digital asset problem
• Meet the unique challenges of deriving reliable conclusions in court
• Analyze video and image content for multiple entity types
• Automatically perform preliminary analysis to uncover facts which are then validated by a human eye

Don't miss this interesting and informative session.
Live online Oct 28 5:00 pm Germany - Berlin 
or after on demand 60 mins
Presented by
David Humphrey, CTO and IDOL Product Manager and Laurence O'Brien, Product Marketing Manager, IM&G, Micro Focus

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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