On demand webinar: Artificial Intelligence keeps machine learning & advanced analytics accurate


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Rameez MeeraSahib, Global CTO - Data Analytics, AI, ML & IoT & Glenn Herzberg, Product Marketing Manager – IDOL, Micro Focus

About this talk

To compete in today’s market, companies are deploying data-driven approaches across numerous enterprise use-cases like customer experience, supply chain, R&D, security, risk, marketing, etc. For many decades there have been numerous algorithms, statistical methods, and analytics functions available to use, but the biggest bottleneck has been to obtain quality data for training machine learning models and creating advanced analytics.
However, 95% of external and internal data are in unstructured formats like text, audio, image, and video. When models and analytics are created using a sub-set of the available data, the data-driven approach fails.
Join this webinar to learn various computer vision, audio processing, and natural language processing methods using the Micro Focus applied artificial intelligence platform IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) for creating at-scale data labelling and analytics service.

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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