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Microsoft retire Internet Explorer soon but iPrint functions are still only available using IE?


Microsoft announced the soon retirement of Internet Explorer. As far as I could read the date has been set to June 2022.

Still there are functions regarding iPrint that are only supported via IE. Functions like driver upload, creating of a new driver profiles etc.

What are Microfocus plans regarding supported browsers? We use iPrint appliance ver. 4.2.5 which is updated etc. but still the supported browser for these functions is IE 5.5 and above.

I know I can use iprntcmd tool (and so I did to solve my driver upload issue…) but still to relay on old and retired browser is not OK. Isn’t it time to update the product?

Best regards,

Ido avin

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  • I have just tried with Edge (ver. 100.0.1185.29) - to manage driver profiles but it is not working. Unfortunately... I am receiving a popup pointing to IE 5.5 :-)... it didnt help changing to IE mode... :-) have used iprintcmd to upload driver with. It is working just fine. looking forward to the new consol. :-) 


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