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iPrint/OES product update webinar (April 2022)

The recording of kyle's iPrint webinar is at

Robin's demonstration of iPrint features :

Robin's presentation :

Kyle's text file :

  • Robin goes to a lot of work to distribute much needed information about MF products to partners and customers. But as long as that damn GotoMeeting website prevents customers and partners from connecting from a Linux desktop, it's a wasted effort.

  • Appreciate your effort in this webinars.

    But I must say it is very obvious now that MF is really dropping focus on "Novell" side of business continuously.

    Development/ProductManagemtn/Sales&Marketing on Vibe, Groupwise (with Gwava), OES, ZENworks, Filr  ( in that order) is slowing down. Your webinars just proves my point. Every one is talking 80% of past features with most of us already know, and the presents very few new features/enhancements.

    iPrint engineer which presents on it has a lot of "not sure/dont know/don understand ???" answers, then he shows TIDs with certificates issues which can be solved with manually running some scripts, well why not build this into appliance itself ???, next he shows a TID which has lost a download link to a script essential to script content (due to your migration from Novell to MF system), shows a external URL to download it, instead of updating the TID itself with download link.

    So what i'm trying to say

    - please invite engineers that really KNOW the product

    - improve your development effort to not embarrass yourself on your own webinars

    - stop redirecting questions you cannot answer to ideas/community portal where they tend to slowly die...

    - educate your staff to know how to use webinar software, as to not waste all of our time !

    Sorry to be so negative, but I really am sad and tired to see once great Novell business decline now for 10 years ...