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Attention with the new iprint5 appliance (here ova)

I had download the new iprint5 appliance and install this as new appliance (not upgrade from 4.x)

The installation was not a problem under vsphere 7.03i, i must create a second hard disk and then the server start correctly after this installation.

But i had problem to configure this new appliance, the error was "configuration failed. For more information, refer to the logs."

Wich logs must be looked?

On Yast, i select the point "Open Enterprise Server", then trying to run "OES Install and Configuration" and here is a new error message, oes-installation.xml missed
The file oes-installation.xml can't be find on the appliance with find / -name oes-installation.xml
That may be the reason to be not able to configure the appliance
I had open a case an wait of support!