iPrint 4.0 Applaince

My iprint applaince started acting like iuts certificates were expires, Could not read the list of printers then got the RPC error. I renewed the certificates, with the regenerate.sh script, upon reboot I could see all the walk up printers, all the printers were green, but no print job would come out and the print diaglog freezes from windows and from ANY browser. I rebooted the server again, and now RPC is NOT communicating again. Never have seen this issue before, no one in my organazaitn can print. Not sure why this is happening. Can anyone give me any guidence. Have been running the iprint server for years I have never seen this before.

  • Okay....really odd....After I renewed the certs again....even though I had already rebooted the appliance, I decided to shut it down for awhile thinking was going to have to restore the server from backups....I started a restore and let the original server just sit turned off for awhile....Later on since the restore was still happening to a new hypervisor...i decided to turn the server back on after everyone was gone off site. The server came up, I can read all printers, and i can send print jobs again....I have no explanation for this...but its working again....favorable from an operational perspective, not so favorable since I don't know why the above behavior happened.

  • I also find it annoying when something "just starts working".  I like to know the why.  Maybe something bad was cached and it time out/cleared out?

    You might want to consider getting that upgraded to the current version of appliance.