iPrint Client 6.24.00 - constant login to secured printers

I recently upgraded our laptops to client version 6.24.00.  Since that time, users who print to printers that require authentication must constantly login to send a print.  It appears that the login credentials are not remembered even if they check the box to remember login.  I see there is a 6.24.10 and 6.24.20 available, but neither mentions any fix for this issue.  Anyone run into this?  Any suggestions?  or should I just open a support case?

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    I have not seen this in my lab.  I believe the 6.24.20 version of the iPrint client addressed security issues and would not include any code changes to address this issue. 

    One observation is that although the Marketplace shows the 6.24.20 version, when you download and install it, it is actually the 6.24.10 version.  You can obtain the 6.24.20 version from the iPrint Appliance.  Using a tool like WinSCP to copy the files from the appliance, you will find the clients located at:


     Assuming you want the 64 bit client for Windows 10/11, the path is:


    For issue like this, an IPPTrace log might help us narrow this down.  You can use this article as a reference:


    Here is a summary of what that article discusses:

    To enable the IPPTrace functionality, run regedit and go to \\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell-iPrint\Settings and change the TraceOn DWORD from 0 to 1.

    Next, in regedit go to \\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Novell-iPrint\Settings\Trace Options and set each option to 1.  Some are already set to 1 by default.

    Next, stop and start the Windows print spooler by opening a command prompt as administrator and typing:

    Net Stop Spooler (wait for the spooler to stop)

    Net Start Spooler

    This will initiate the logging process.

    The other option is to restart the PC which will also trigger the logging.

    Once the issue has been duplicated, zip up the entire c:\NDPS directory and upload it to the FTS using the credentials from your case.

  • I noticed the version problem on Marketplace.  It has been reported via the open support case I have.  Thanks for the directions on the IPPTrace logging.  I am waiting on users to report whether the problem is still occurring and will give that a shot if needed.

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    After patching the appliance to the latest version (24.2 as of May 1) and updating clients to at least 6.24.10, the problem has gone away.