Iprint error "directoryLogin(): Unable to create a DSI context for server cgcs-oes11.cgcs.local (Error=FFFFFFFF)"

by the command 

systemctl -l status novell-idsd.service

i see the error in the subject.

Also, i am not able to login to Iprint console on oes2018sp3-server, there is a message to show in the log files, but i don't find anything under /var/opt/novell/log/...

Who can help!

I have read all published MF and Novell documentation for iprint!

Thanks for help

  • For the shake of the community, this issue is solved. The DDserver name in idsd.conf was not resolvable. Once fixed, issue was gone away

  • Suggested Answer

    Thanks gmorera for this information.

    I must open a case by mf and with support it takes any times to find and solve this errors.
    Yes, we have use original server certificates and not the iprint certificates, there was right problems and iprint.keystore must be deleted and recreated with the command iprintman psm -l -u cn=admin,o=xyz , then confirm with yes

    Remote support was necessary and this have take a half day!

    Not easy for the administrator without help from support, i don't have or find a solution paper to be able to do this alone.

    MF recommand to use the iprint appliance, this will be better in future!!!