Best way to create Xerox C9070 printer in iPrint

I am trying to create a printer in iPrint version 6.22.16 on OES 2018 SP3. The Xerox printer is a PrimeLink C9070 printer with the EX-i Fiery Color Server.  Xerox has multiple drivers for the printer.  If I use the Xerox Smart start driver installer manually, it creates a printer in a Windows 10 WS and when you go to print a job, there is an Add-on app that comes up that allows you to customize the printer for stapling, 2 hole or 3 hole punching, etc. 

If I load the driver up to the driver store in iManager under the iPrint section, it will allow me to create the printer but the printer object doesn't have the above options.  When I try to create a printer driver profile using IE 10 I don't see any of the options to include in the profile. When the printer driver is downloaded, the Xerox 'App' pops up but it is blank and the printer preferences dialog has only minimal options.

What am I doing wrong?