Idea ID: 2873004

Enable Batch or Back office application to print to WalkUp printer

Status: Under Consideration

Details : As implemented, users need to authenticate to be allowed to send a job to a WalkUp printer (WUP) and then has to authenticate again on release portal to release its jobs.

Authentication is, of course, required to release the job. For us, authentication it is not [always] necessary
to send a job to a WUP.

We would like to allow WUP to receive jobs without the "destination user"'s authentication,
but with "owner/user" details, possibly via authenticated "batch-type user".

Ideally with such a feature :
1) back-office (batch ... etc) is able to send a job with following details : WUP name, job name, userid, documents, ...
2) Iprint will place that job in the appropriate WUP queue.
3)The remainder of the jobs (release of print job) will work as currently, through the release portal or card ID reader.

As a possible lead: within IPP, use the http authentication e.g. to identify a batch user, use the "owner" tag within the POST data to identify the destination user.


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