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The iPrint clinet installer has problems installing from Microsoft Intune.

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Hi again,

We had a problem installing the iPrint Client on our machines.
All our machines are registered in Microsoft Intune AutoPilot. We are using Microsoft Intune as the only installation tool. The problem is that after an obviously successful installation of the client, one cannot install a printer as the install button is not functioning on the Printers URL. The install popup never shows. We use Chrome and Edge.
The reason that it happens, is that iPrint client needs a complete user login to install completely. The way user software is being installed on machines registered med Microsoft Intune Autopilot and where it is Microsoft Intune which is installing the software on the machine, is problematic in this relation as the desktop is not shown. Intune Enrollment Status Page (ESP) shows the installation status – for the user as the user logs-in in continuation for Windows 10 first login experience. As long as it shows it, the desktop is somewhat hidden behind it and not accessible as it usually is when a user completes login. All software is installed ‘behind’ this screen. The ESP screen cannot be hidden nor deselected.
I guess iPrint Client cannot access all the places it needs to write in and so it won’t work later when trying to install a printer from the Printers URL. There is no error reported from the iPrint Client installation and Intune regards it as successful.

I suggest Micro Focus to look into rebuilding the iPrint Client installer. Maybe package it as msi? Microsoft Intune is in use by millions of users all around the world today. iPrint is really a nice print server. We have been using it since 2012. The installer looks the same as it did for 10 years ago… the name is still ‘Windows 8’ if one looks for it in the iprint appliance. I know you guys are updating it etc. but still it looks to me like – ‘same old – same old’… : -)

Maybe it’s time to modernize it?

Best regards,

Ido Yavin