Idea ID: 2785028

Use existing eDirectory tree when attaching to existing OES environment

Status: Delivered
Instead of have a local edirectory on the iPrint appliance with all the duplication, and issues with objects renames etc, when in a OES environment provide the capability to simply become part of the existing OES/eDirectory environment. This would also allow the iPrint components from any iManger sporting the correct add-in versions. Would also remove much of the current complexity surrounding the copying of users/groups etc.
  • When Novell started the appliance concept I loved the idea of the simplicity. When I configured my first appliance I couldn't believe it worked the way it did. But from a new product concept idea eDirectory sites already iPrint on OES so I bet it would have looked like duplication of a product instead of extending the product. Maybe us eDirectory guys were not expected to pick up the appliances and use them. If I was Microfocus I would convert all my products to the appliance model. Linux makes a great appliance for the average IT person. The way they use Linux you are expected to get under the hood all the time. Not every site has that kind of support. Lets face it that is why MS stuff took off.
  • I never understood why this was not in the first version. I like the appliance idea but I don't like the data duplication and complexity.