iPrint Information Gathering Tool

The iPrint Info tool is compatible with OES2, OES11, and the iPrint Appliance.

The iPrintInfo plugin gathers iPrint-related information to help in troubleshooting iPrint issues. The following information is obtained in the script executions process.

  1. Section #1 Rights and Permissions on Each File Installed by iPrint

  • Section #2 Rights on Specific Directories.
    rpm -V

    #If NSS Clustering is installed
    Show eDir rights on /var/opt/novell/log/iprint
    Show eDir rights on /var/opt/novell/iprint

  • Section #3 Content of Specific Files.
    /etc/passwd (*The file is now sorted)
    /etc/group (*The file is now sorted)

    #If NSS Clustering is installed
    /var/opt/novell/ncs/[iPrint Resource.load]
    /var/opt/novell/ncs/[iPrint Resource.unload]

  • Section #4 eDirectory and Certificate Related Commands.
    	ldapconfig get	
    ndsstat -r
    ndsrepair -T
    ndsrepair -E
    ldapconfig get
    certtool -i --inder --infile /etc/opt/novell/certs/SSCert.der
    certtool -i --infile /etc/opt/novell/certs/SSCert.pem
    certtool -i --infile /etc/ssl/servercerts/servercert.pem
    openssl cert verification

    #If NSS Clustering is installed
    *rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/etc/opt/novell/iprint show
    *rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/var/opt/novell/iprint show
    *rights -f /media/nss/<vol>/var/opt/novell/log/iprint show

  • Section #5 Miscellaneous Commands.

    	ps -eaf | grep iprint
    uname -a
    ifconfig | grep "inet addr"
    id admin
    id wwwrun
    id iprint
    netstat -atnp | grep 631|389
    namuserlist -x
    namgrouplist -x
    mount | grep nssvol
    rcSuSEfirewall status
    ps -eo pcpu,pid,user,args | sort -k 1 -r | head -10
    rcowcimomd status
    ps -eaf | grep owcimomd
    netcat -zv
    netstat -atnp | grep httpd | grep -i listen
    rpm -qa --last | grep "openwbem\|iprint\|apache"
    free -k
    rccups status
    chkconfig -l cups
    *ping relevant DNS names

  • Section #6 Log Files.

* Denotes changes from the previous version to the current version. Also, a couple of bugs were resolved in this version.

Step #1 - Install the latest version of the iPrintInfo plugin and Support Config utility

Option A: (Automated Install)

  1. Download iprintinfo-autoinstall-1.1.tbz

  • Open a Terminal window and type “su”

  • Enter root’s password

  • Extract the script from the tarball

    #tar –xjvf iprintinfo-autoinstall-1.1.tbz

  • Make the script executable.

    #chmod 755 iPrintInfo-AutoInstall-1.1.sh

  • Run the iPrintInfo-AutoInstall-1.1.sh script


Option B: (Manual Install)

  1. Download both the supportutils and supportutils-plugin-iprint rpm from here

  • Open a Terminal window and type “su”

  • Enter root’s password

  • Install the supportutils-X.XX-XX.XX.noarch.rpm

    #rpm -Uvh supportutils-X.XX-XX.XX.noarch.rpm

  • Install the supportutils-plugin-iprint-X.X-X.X.norarch.rpm

    #rpm -Uvh supportutils-plugin-iprint-X.X-X.X.norarch.rpm

Step #2 - Run the iPrintInfo gathering tool

Option A:

  1. On the terminal run iPrintInfo and attach the results automatically to the service request.

    #iPrintInfo -r XXXXXXXXXXX

  • This will create a file in the /var/log/ directory and will also be attached to the service request.

  • To view the files created do the following:

    #tar -xjvf /var/log/nts_hostname_101108_1451.tbz

    #cd nts_hostname_101108_1451

    # less plugin-iPrint.txt

Option B:

    1. On the terminal run iPrintInfo to create an iPrint output text file

      #iPrintInfo -b

  1. This will create a file in the current directory called iPrintInfo-2.1.3-[year]-[month][day]-[hour][minute].txt

  • To view the file created do the following:

    # less iPrintInfo-2.1.3-[year]-[month][day]-[hour][minute].txt

Note: Using a –h will display other parameter options if desired such as how to make your password persistent. This is helpful when automating it using support advisor...


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