OpenText Support Status change reminder for iPrint


OpenText would like to remind you of the upcoming change in Support Status from the "Current Maintenance" period to the "Sustaining Maintenance" period for one or more of the following products in your profile.

OpenText provides both engineering support and technical support for versions in the Current Maintenance period. If you wish to receive these services for a product release that has entered Sustaining Maintenance, you may subscribe to the OpenText Extended Support program for an additional fee. Learn more about Extended Support.

If you are already on a current version, you can ignore this notification; if not, we encourage you to begin planning your transition to a fully supported version of the product to leverage the latest features and functionality, platform certifications, and secure enhancements.

OpenText provides resources for select products on the Version Upgrade Hub to assist with your upgrade. For advice on updating your version contact Customer Support.

Product Name

Current Maintenance ends

Successor or Latest Version / Major

iPrint Appliance 5.0

31 Dec 2024

iPrint Appliance 23.4

iPrint Appliance 4.2

31 Dec 2023

Support Status dates are published on the Product Support Lifecycle table and are based on the general availability date for these product releases.

OpenText products follow the Product Support Lifecycle policy, which defines the level of support provided for a product release as it ages through its lifecycle. Providing predictable and consistent support helps customers in the planning and deployment of newer product versions.

The support OpenText provides for the products referenced in this notification is governed by the Business Support Agreement.



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