iPrint Appliance 23.4 Release: Upgrade Options


Greetings of the season!

I am pleased to announce that iPrint Appliance 23.4 is now available for download via the SLD portal. If you are already running iPrint Appliance 5.0.x, the 23.4 update was shipped over the channel in October this year.

In this article, we will discuss various upgrade options:

1. **For iPrint Appliance 4.x or older users:** Directly migrate to iPrint Appliance 23.4 by following the migration documentation.

2. **For iPrint Appliance 5.x users:** Update to version 23.4 using the channel update method.

3. **For those who faced upgrade failure due to eDirectory partition size:** iPrint Appliance 23.4 includes a fix to address this issue (follow option 2).

Thank you for your attention, and happy upgrading!


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