iPrint appliance only able to select IDE disk during installation and does not support iSCSI as primary disk



iPrint Appliance 23.4


During iPrint Appliance 23.4 installation by default the primary disk is getting installed with IDE disk. It is not allowing to select the primary disk with iSCSI disk.


  1. Extract the iPrintAppliance.x86_64-23.4.ova.zip file into a directory. It will extract to "iPrintAppliance.x86_64-23.4.ova" file. After further extraction, the directory will have 3 files “iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.mf”, “iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.ovf” and “iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4-disk1.vmdk”.
  2. iPrint-Appliance-23.4.zip
  3. Download the attached file "iPrint-Appliance-23.4.zip" and extract this. It contains 2 files iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.mf” and “iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.ovf
  4. In the esxi server click on “Create/Register VM”  -> select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file” option -> click Next button -> in the “Copy to select files or drag/drop” pane instead of selecting the .ova file, select only the .vmdk file present under the extracted directory part of step 1(Do not select the .ovf and .mf file present in the extracted directory of appliance ova) and the 2 files(.ova and .mf) which got extracted part of the step 3  -> then follow the existing steps to configure the appliance.

   After following the above steps for the iPrint Appliance 23.4 deployment, the primary disk can be configured as IDE or iSCSI disk.


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