Knowledge Document: No iSCSI primary disk option during iPrint Appliance installation



iPrint Appliance 23.4


During iPrint Appliance 23.4 installation, the only option for the primary disk is IDE.  There is no option to choose iSCSI as the primary disk.


  1. Download and extract the file into a directory.
    • It will extract to "iPrintAppliance.x86_64-23.4.ova" file.
    • After further extraction, the directory will have 3 files
      • iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.ovf
      • iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4-disk1.vmdk
  2. Download and extract this file.
    • This zip file contains 2 files
      • iPrint-Appliance.x86_64-23.4.ovf
  3. Within the ESXI server
    • Click “Create/Register VM”
    • Select the “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file” option
    • Click Next
    • In the “Copy to select files or drag/drop” pane, instead of selecting the .ova file, select only the .vmdk file present under the extracted directory part of step 1.
    • NOTE: Do not select the .ovf and .mf file present in the extracted directory of appliance ova
    • Select the 2 files (.ova and .mf) which got extracted part of the step 2.
    • Follow the remaining steps to configure the appliance.

Both IDE and iSCSI will now be options for the primary disk.

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