iPrint Appliance 24.1 has been released


iPrint Appliance 24.1

Product Description:
OpenText iPrint Appliance is a virtual appliance that offers cross-platform, self-service printing for the enterprise. It allows users to print from their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. iPrint Appliance supports NetIQ eDirectory and Active Directory as user identity sources. It scales to fit organizations of any size and provides a single solution to manage the printing needs across multiple locations.

What's New

Active Directory and eDirectory imported users can manage the iPrint Appliance server using Administrator rights.

Installing iPrint Appliance 24.1
iPrint Appliance 24.1 is only available as an online update to iPrint Appliance 23.4.

You must first configure iPrint 23.4 and then apply the 24.1 update. For more information, see Migrating to iPrint Appliance 23.4 in the OpenText iPrint Appliance Administration Guide

It is recommended to take a snapshot of the current configuration so that you can revert the snapshot in case of an error.

Defects Fixed:

OCTCR52A868054 For January 2024 patch, update iPrint Appliance version from 23.4 to 24.1.
OCTCR52A752092 To upload an external certificate to iPrint Appliance, you must submit a key.
OCTCR52A772107 If the password contains umlaut, iPrint Appliance 5.x will display an error.


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