OES23.4 upgrade tip


when you upgrade from OES2023 to OES23.4 on a machine that has been upgraded before (machines originally installed as OES2023 are not affected), make sure that in /etc/sysconfig/novell/oes-ldap the UPGRADE_FROM= line reads


You should check this after step 3. for the wagon-based upgrade or after step 4. for the zypper-based upgrade, see https://www.microfocus.com/documentation/open-enterprise-server/23.4/inst_oes_lx/b11mrzf5.html .

If the line looks different, edit it to the above content and continue with the upgrade instructions.

In my case the line still contained the value OES2018SP3 from a previous upgrade and this wrong value broke "yast2 channel-upgrade-oes" (the eDirectory part failed).

The reason for this problem is a broken sed script in the postinstall scriptlet of the Open_Enterprise_Server-release-2023-150400.363.1.x86_64 package. I filed a SR, so I guess a new version of this package will be released soon.

Hope this helps,