How do you quickly copy a user to a new user, including Group Membership and Rights to Files and Directories

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is a simple and quick way to copy an existing user, including all of their Group Memberships and Rights to Files and Directories, to a new user, in iManager?



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  • Yes, I agree that creating groups is the way to go.  We've got a few edge cases and legacy users though, and it's not particularly easy to see any individual access rights a user may have, across multiple servers and volumes.

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    If you only have nss volumes, you have 2 options after you created the new user via copy use:

    - you create a security equivalence to the old user and do not remove the old user and instead set it to be unable to login;

    - or you export all trustee rights with metamig ("/opt/novell/nss/sbin/metamig") and afterwards modify the resulting XML-files so that the new user gets the same rights as the old one and import those rights back with metamig. For this task you can create a script, but it is for sure a longer journey and totally depends on the number of users and volumes involved.

    An easier solution is not available I think.