Is there a (linux) tool at OES to send a dhcp request to an dhcp service and (only) show the response?

I want to check the answers from the DHCP w/o a windows pc ;-)

How is the way to archive this?

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    This is one of those delicious questions you ask.  I don't know a simple answer, but hopefully I can lead you to finding one and then share it.

    At a theoretical level, I can envision the packet flow to do this.  So if you were up to handcrafting and sending such packets, you could do it, or write code to do the same.  So I would gather it likely that someone has done this, but have they shared where we can find it.

    Just sniffing on the DHCP server would show you what it is saying, so that is one approach, and just filter on the BootP/DHCP traffic.

    I see there are a number of tools to discover rouge DHCP servers, and to see what they offer. Of course, I find Window$ ones at that level.

    Searching, I do find
    - a linux dhcp checker on GitHub
    - a way to use a bit from nagios, and at least some data with nmap, all in a Stack Exchange thread that may be useful.

    I hope this helps you, as I don't need to follow this fun rabbit hole (time!!), but would love to know how it goes.


    Andy of KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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