23.4 ISO Upgrade Package Issues

I have a support ticket open but thought I would post something on the forums to see if anyone has encountered this issue before.

I am currently trying to upgrade several OES 2018 SP3 to OES 23.4. All of them are getting the same/similar errors.

Before booting to the ISO I made sure the server is up to date on patches. I ran ndsrepair -T and -E on all the OES servers and fixed any errors. I then shut the server down and boot the ISO. I can get to the  "Installation Settings" page. On this page under "Packages"it says manual intervention is required. If I click on it I get the errors below

Support had me check the SHA which was confusing because it's not correct on the sld. But I do have the correct SHA.

Support also had me try running "zypper rm rpm-build" which did not fix the issue.