List "in use" files on the NCP server by file instead of by connection


I am trying to figure out a way to see which file is open on my oes server.

Currently in Remote Manager I can see which Connections there are, and if I click on Connections I can see which application files (e.g., *.EXE) are open.

Manage NCP Services > Manage Connections > Click Connection > Look at line: "Open Files"

But I would like to see the opposite, a list of files with connections to them.

This is important as we make changes to files and don't want to individually click on a multitude of Connections to see which workstation has that file open.

Looking for a GUI-friendly overview option of all files currently open. I have searched Remote Manager and iManager, but without success.

This feature was in Netware 6.5.

I am not sure where to find it ... if it exists?

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