OES Client SP7 IR4 doesn't show client login with Adv Auth 6.4.3 components

I've upgraded our OES client to sp7 ir4 and Adv Auth to 6.4.3 hoping to resolve some issues with password synch and now after a reboot the OES client isn't integrating with Adv Auth.

I'm getting the Adv Auth login client.  And oddly it seems that I can login as a local user without a prompt to the Adv Auth server.  And there's no mapping or connection to the OES server.

If I disable Adv Auth on the OES client it will show the OES Client Login page after a reboot and after a login all the network connections are there.

Turning Adv Auth back on doesn't resolve client.  I'm back to adv auth client without the OES integration.

Anyone else experiencing this?  

Like with prior version, I've copied the adv auth's Windows Components folder into the OES client's install directory.