Storage on SLES 10 sp3 OES sp3 box...

I login to iManager (ANY iManager) and go to Storage, then Pools and select a certian server, and it just hangs there. I have to kill the session in the browser, and start over. If I select another server, its all good. I will probably SP4 the sles 10, and reboot one of these weekends. Othewise the server is running, volumes accessible, no issuses at all. Should I be concerned?
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  • What do you mean by "booked" disk space?

    You mean you have a disk/LUN of say, 100 GB, and you're using 1 partition of size 50 GB?

    Or you have consumed all the disk/LUN, and just want to see what's free in the partition?

    Or you want to see what's free in the Pool, or the volume?

    device = LUN/disk
    Partition = partition
    Pool = pool
    volume = volume

    I believe all the free space information of the above items is available in NSSMU.
    At least, when I select Devices and choose the appropriate item, NSSMU shows me unallocated space on the right-hand side.

    Same thing for Partition (it'll show the total space, data area, used space, so you can figure out the "free" space)

    Does that help?