NWlogin with pam_script (TID 3416680)

Following the old TID 3416680 for SLED10 I'm trying to set up nwlogin
with pam_script: use PAM_AUTHTOK within /etc/security/onauth to assign
the password of the user doing a (ssh) login to the variable NWpassword
and then using nwlogin with the option --passenv.
Then in /etc/security/onsessionopen the eDirectory login scripts are
called with nwrunscripts.
The problem I have to make this work is that pam_script runs in the
context of root. That is after doing a ssh login as an eDirectory user
effectively root is logged in to the tree and all mapped drives are
owned by root rather than by the user. I did some tests with "su -"
within the scripts but this easily creates a loop as su itself calls
pam_script. So I wonder how to make this work.

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  • Günther Schwarz wrote:
    > laurabuckley wrote:
    >> Perhaps post your question in the forums dedicated to SLED found here:
    >> https://forums.suse.com/forumdisplay.php?11-SLED-Configure-Administer
    >> You may get quicker results.

    > Anyway, my problem is solved with using libpam-script-0.1.12 instead of
    > pam-script-1.1.6 which results in running the nwlogin and nwrunscripts
    > commands within the user context instead of root.

    It turn out I was too optimistic about this. It actually works as
    described in TID 3416680 for a console login, but not for ssh. With ssh
    I can't do the nwlogin within the auth part. Different environment for
    ssh as compared to a local login?
    As a workaround I can store the password within onauth somewhere and
    read it back within onsessionopen, doing the nwlogin there. This seems
    to be fine, but is kind of dirty. Any other suggestions?


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