OES2018: File or directory not found


in /var/log/messages I get an error:
logrotate is missing the file

My system does not contain this file. Is this an misconfiguration in
logrotate or in oescredstore?

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  •  wrote:
    And /etc/logrotate.d/novell-dhcp-logs.logrotate is complaining about missing /var/log/dhcpd.log ...

    I hope, that in SP2 will be this fixed

    There are so many problem in that area... The bug here is that dhcpd.log is indeed missing, but then, when you fix that, the novell-dhcp-logs-logrotate still doesn't work as it attempts to bounce the syslog-ng process, which doesn't exist anymore in oes2018/sles12, the correct one is rsyslogd.

    So much copy and pasting.... <sigh>