Any anti-virus software on OES 2?

Hi all,

Urgently looking for sharing of information - which anti-virus does you or your customer use on OES 2 file server that also has cluster components installed?

Am working on OES2 upgrade (OES 2 SP2a). Once installing Symantec Antivirus on the server (with auto-protect enabled), OES2 server would hang. Based on our testing this depends on what components we install in OES2:
- Hangs if OES2 has file server components (NSS NCP CIFS) with Novell cluster services
- No hang on Print server (iPrint) without cluster components

This is not related to exclusion of scan folder etc, as it hangs shortly after SAV is installed before we have an opportunity to set exclusions.
Does not hang if installs SAV without auto-protect (then what's the point of installing it).

Symantec Support confirmed this is a known bug and no commitment to fix.
Appreciate it very much if anyone can share your "success" cases using ANY anti-virus on a OES 2 server with cluster.


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  • Am 11.11.2010 12:06, schrieb soshikatat:
    > southpaw34;2043741 Wrote:
    >> We don not have a cluster but Trend Micro seems to work well for our
    >> company.

    > thanks. In our case the Cluster module seems to be the one that's
    > conflicting .
    > looks like no body uses OES2 cluster with anti-virus ...

    I use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux 1.6.0 with OES2SP2 64 Bit

    But i have some Issues with Realtime Scanning (scan's all Files on NSS
    Volumes what he shouldn't do), but i didn't find enough time to take a
    deeper look on it.

    On 2 other Nodes i can't login into the Webinterface or hangs on a
    running update.

    So I disabled it for a while.

    Oh dear.