Novell Netware 6.5-Running slow

I am having some troubles with Novell Netware 6.5. It has been running very slow today and students/teachers are not able to access files. Is there a way I can reboot the server to see if it speeds it up? Is rebooting it the solution? Everything else works fine, I can use the internet just fine, with no lag.

  • A reboot is at most a workaround not a fix, obviously whatever's wrong now can go wrong again.

    To reboot just type RESET SERVER at the console. But if you want to diagnose what the actual problem is, stick with me. Before rebooting Please download from the file finder at Extract Config.nlm from it and copy that to SYS:SYSTEM .

    On the console do LOAD CONFIG /jumba1se, and wait until the output file CONFIG.TXT gets created (on NW 6.x this message only appears on the Logger screen). Please post that file here, with any public IP addresses and RConsole passwords edited out. Thank you.
  • If it were me, I would check to see if the server is in high utilization, and if so, see if you can narrow down where that utilization is being consumed. This TID helps walk you through troubleshooting high utilization issues (assuming that is what it is): Troubleshooting High Utilization on a NetWare Server
  • If it been a years since the last reboot? Sure.

    But you may want to look at what is happening at the server first.
    Any abends? ( <x> in the prompt where x is a number )
    Lots of disk activity?
    Running out of memory ( as indicated by errors on the console )
    Is a backup running?
    Component failure ( disk, lan )

    -- Bob