SMT Client Status showing as "unknown"

Good day, 

After having gone through a great deal of work with the SLES15-SP4 server hosting the SMT 2.0 software, I'm now starting to migrate my client systems to start using that SMT server. So far I just have one OES2023 server that is a client to the SMT server, however; I noticed that the status for that client is showing as "Unknown" I remember from previous discussions that there is a 24 period in which the status updates, but I was just wondering if I was missing something from the client machine's perspective? 

I of course ran the client4setupSMT. sh script

I also did the 'smt-agent' command 

While the Last contact time has updated the status is still showing as "unknown"

Any thoughts?


  • Good morning, 

    Added update:

    When I registered an OES2018-SP3 server with the client script, and executed the 'smt-agent' command that server did update the contact time, along with showing as 'critical' which leads me to think that the 'smt-agent' command actually registered against the SMT server on the 2018 server and yet didn't for some reason on the 2023, is there a different command for the OES2023 servers?

    Thank you


  • Indeed same problem here,
    I have one server left (out of +/- 20) in 2018, and status is "Up-to-date" for that one only.

    Documentation is poor about that point

    and log is not verbose at all : /var/log/smtclient.log

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