Error code c00000bb in OES

I often get kicked out of my network and lose contact with my network folders, I use OES client 2 SP7 (IR 2) and win 11. Error message says "Unable to find tree or server, please choose another tree or server." Has anyone here experienced the same problem or if anyone has a solution to this one then I would be very grateful?

  • Something is happening at your network level.
    I have seen issues like this often enough over the years, and there is a range of possible root causes.

    Could be one or more of:  (been there on all of them)
     - Some failing hardware
     - a cable bent too tight (all cables have a minimum bend radius, after which stupid things happen)
     - flipping wired/wireless
     - flipping WiFi APs
     - SLP not configured correctly
     - periodic saturation of parts of the network. This can be at a packet level storm, or just a leaky microwave at just the 'right' spot.
     - bad traffic causing such a DoS


    Andy of in Toronto
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