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Better OES Window client install config file location identifiers

Status: Delivered

It's in the same folder as the INSTALL.INI being edited; meaning in the same folder as SETUP.EXE itself. 

The file is updated to provide more information (included in the latest IR release)

See status update history

install.ini file has at least this one instance of "you can't tell us where the file is, and we won't tell you where it should be"

; NovellClientPropertiesFile=
; Use a Novell Client Properties file (created by NCIman.exe)
; This must be a file name only.  Paths are not allowed

So if I saved mine as install.cnf,  where do I put it?  At the same level as the install.ini (my assumption)? Or otherwise?
    Trial and error has my next attempt to be in the same folder as the NCIman.exe

Please update that bit of the install.ini file to tell us where our config file should be so that we don't have to guess.


Andy of in Toronto
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