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Give us salvage for edirectory objects

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Waiting for Votes

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Wouldn't it be great to be able to restore an edirectory object removed by accident and be able to recreate it from kind of an edirectory salvage pool/trash bin?

Who doesn't know incidents where a user object is asked to be deleted and a few days or even hours later someone shows up "Mmmmh, can we have this user back?" Files to restore are no problem as long as a backup exists. But what about group memberships etc.?


  • As mguldner already mentions, ndsbackup lets you do this.

    Here are the commands for backup and restore:

    Backup: ndsbackup cvf file.bak -a -p password
    Restore: ndsbackup xvf file.bak -a -p password .CN=groupname.OU=group.O=org.

    Do observe that when restoring a group, it won't add the groupMembership attributes under the user objects itself. (See Idea ID: 2876104)

  • Backup and restore of eDirectory objects is quite easy with ndsbackup. A cronjob for daily backup and a simple command for restore. Simple and useful, that's how I like it.