Idea ID: 2783645

NSS Rights Available in OES Remote Manager

Status: Accepted

A simple NSS files rights management is in the works for a future release.

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Discovering and modifying NSS rights in iManager or the Novell Client for Windows can often be a laborious ordeal, especially if many changes have to be made at once or if multiple files or folders need to be viewed (for comparison, etc.) in quick succession. In Netware, one option was to use Novell Remote Manager instead because NoRM exposes the NSS file system and allows for very easy viewing and direct assignment of rights.

Proposed Solution:
Extend Novell Remote Manager on OES to support viewing and assignment of NSS rights on NSS volumes. This would require that NoRM distinguish between Linux partitions and NSS partitions (i.e. the NSS rights options should not be visible when viewing an EXT3, btrfs, XFS, etc. partition). The interface should be very similar to its Netware iteration.

Value Proposition:
1. Much faster and more reliable viewing and modification of NSS rights.
2. Feature parity with Netware.

I believe that a bake-off between (Netware) NoRM and the other methods of assigning rights will demonstrate the full utility of this functionality.
  • I agree with Kevin (above) it is horrible to manage NSS rights in iManager! It is time to re-write iManager or replace it with something better that runs on any platform. If you can manage you entire VMware environment with an HTLM 5 interface, we should be able to do the same with OES and all of its features.
  • While I agree iManager has never been an efficient tool for managing NSS rights, I am not certain iManager or NoRM are worth investing much more in. I believe Novell should begin the process of reworking/replacing both iManager and NoRM now. The GroupWise 2014 web interface is nice to use, fairly responsive and the latest Zenworks Configuration Management web interface is acceptable. Either one of those is a better model than iManager and even NoRM. We need at least the web front ends of these products completely redesigned to be HTML5/responsive for both large screens and at the same time make it usable via touch on tables/smartphones...