Idea ID: 2873002

Enable the ability to enable DNS query logging in the DNS/DHCP Console

Status: New Idea

Enable to ability to permanently enable DNS query logging in the named (DNS server) configuration in the DNS/DHCP console. Currently if I add the option manually to named.conf it is overwritten during the next reconfig cycle as it gets it from eDir. So the only way currently is to do an 'rndc querylog' after startup or if named is restarted. Not really great when there is a organizational security requirement to log all DNS queries. It would also be handy to be able to change the log locatiion, as the logs get big quickly on busy DNS servers. The entries is named.conf are :-

options {
	    querylog yes;

logging {
        channel querylog {
                file "/var/log/querylog";
                severity debug 3;