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OES Client login work from Home (Internet) or from the Office (like offline/online logon)

Status : Delivered

The "PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent" configuration policy for the Windows 7 and later clients described in: Allow unsuccessful login attempts to fail "silently" when in Passive Mode ( is intended to provide the expected outcome. The same has been confirmed by the reporting customer. 

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There is another similar idea  OES Client to work off-site 

From the pandemic till now, many customers works in a mix mode (office and Home). OES Client should be manage this situation and detect automatically when the user is the Office and should be contact with OES servers to login and when the user is not in the office and then should be not try to contact with OES server.

It is more and more important when use Advanced Authentication (AA) and OES client, becuase AA is the firts GINA and the user can't interact with OES GINA in order to select workstaion only.

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  • Hi everyone!

    I think that the idea would be a great improvement from the user (an admin) point of view with that "mixed" work environment that we are facing since Covid 19.

    Best regards, Brian.