Idea ID: 2871935

Please add support for PAM (Privileged Account Manager) into DSfW

Status : New Idea

Hi Team,

Actually it's a quite complicated thing to understand where exactly this Idea will be routed: into OES queue or rather into PAM queue.

Let me describe the problem and I'd like you to correct me if I chose the wrong queue.

Actually this Idea is about the ability of PAM to work with DSfW: at the moment it's not possible, we can't use DSfW as an LDAP Server for PAM and this is sadly. It's absolutely clear for that the main reason is schema differences between DSfW and "normal" AD, it seems like PAM just can't find something it needs in DSfW.

That will be just great if we could add PAM into the list of products which is compatible with DSfW. If needed, I'm ready to provide needed help and explanations.


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