Idea ID: 2871936

That would be good if we could add Windows Server as an ADC into DSfW domain/forrest

Status: New Idea

At the moment we can't add Windows Server into the DSfW domain as an ADC, the only possible option there is to add it as a Domain Member - actually in this case we're adding Windows Server as a Workstation, not as a Server.

There are a lot of third-party software which requires a Server installation, it doesn't install on Workstation - even in the case if the OS version is "Windows Server"

It's clear that this problem is schema difference problem (at least I see it exactly like this) so probably it shouldn't require too much of efforts to realize this.

In case if we'll be able to add Windows Server as an ADC into the Domain, that will be another real strong point in competition with MS (in my opinion).