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You need an ARM based client for OES

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So Microsoft is the largest PC OS provider on the planet.  It has now developed its own SQ processor.  I just purchased a MS ProX with the /SQ2 processor.  Great machine.  But, as you probably know,  OES client will not install, for me, even with the beta MS x64 emulator patch.  I sent in a SR and was advised there are no current plans to develop a ARM based OES client.  REALLY!!!!!!  When, if ever, are you folks going to learn to play in the same sandbox with the 900 pound gorilla living in your neighborhood.  Do you really think MS is going to just give up or go away on its processor development.  Change, adapt, develop or get left behind.  I am really disappointed with the SR response "Currently, there are no plans to provide an ARM based client."

Very frustrated with Microfocus.  I have been a  Novell/Microfocus customer/user since Novell 2.x., but it looks like its time for a change if you can't adapt.  I'm just a little guy and probably don't matter much but.....  Oh well, I know how it goes.

Stay safe.  johnb

john beuhler


cc: SR, Bob


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